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Vlasina lake is located in the southeast of Serbia, in the municipality of Surdulica, some 30 km from the South Morava in the west and from the Yugoslavian-Bulgarian border on the south. Situated on the altitude of 1213 m it spreads on 16 km2 and is the biggest and highest artificial lake in Serbia.

On the place where in the past was mud with reeds and scattered water spots from where the Vlasina river was taking its downfall, became Vlasina lake. The lake with its water color varying from grey-blue near the coast to dark blue in the middle of the lake together with the green banks gives special coloring to the landscape.

The historical writings that mention Vlasina plateau are dated back to XVIII century under the name of Vlasina mud becase of the mud desposition from the river courses. That way in the 20 km long canyon a swamp was created with scattered living sand.

The lake is surrounded with waved plateau as a green carpet with meadows, pastures and forests which hide the diversity of herbal and animal world, and with the mountain range with clear wells, small rivers with ravines. Cemernik and Vardenik are the biggest mountains around.

The area of Vlasina lake is characterized with significant cultural monuments and ethographic values, such as: monastery in Palja, the church in Bozica, Klisura, Crna Trava and the tower in Klisura.

The natural beauties and rarities of this area that consists of mountains, ravines, waterfalls, wells, rivers, flora and fauna and the gentle touch of the climate together with the silence of the mountain nature make this place an ideal for rest in various seasons. That's why this area is researched and there are initiatives to make this area a natural park.

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